Hemp for Food

There are many uses of hemp as a food. It can be eaten raw, pressed to produce hempseed oil, made into milk, tea, seed butter, hemp tofu, frozen waffles, flour, cake mixes or protein powders. Hemp can also be used in baking or added to cereals, smoothies, ice cream and other food recipes. There are many benefits of consuming hemp for food:

Complete proteins

Hemp seeds, which contain protein levels of 25%-31%, are second to soybeans that have 35% proteins. However, the protein found in hemp seeds is more digestible by humans, as they have the same structures as the proteins in the blood. Soy protein, on the other hand, is quite difficult to assimilate or digest. This makes hemp seeds the best vegetable source of easily digestible complete proteins.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) and amino acids

Hemp oil has the highest levels of essential fatty acids and provides the recommended amino acids for human consumption. It has approximately 60% Omega-6 and 20% Omega-3. This makes up the perfect ratio of 3 to 1 that is recommended by nutrition experts for human intake. Hemp nut contains all EFA including SDA (stearidonic acid) and super Omega-6 or GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) that are rare in other key oils. PMS, arthritis, diabetes, and neurodermatitis can be treated using these EFAs. There are many other benefits of EFAs in hemp foods:

  • They control hormone levels, normalize stomach acid, help the muscles of body organs to contract, break down cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, maintain normal body temperature and aid in fat metabolism and transportation. They also facilitate brain development and improve its functioning.
  • EFAs improve the body’s immune system and fight against viral infections. As such, hemp can help HIV and cancer patients to strengthen their immune systems, thus making them healthier.
  • Cardiovascular health can also be aided by EFAs in hemp foods. They also improve one’s reproductive system and help in infant development. They should therefore be consumed by pregnant women.

Hemp for Cancer

Can Hemp Oil Help Cure Cancer?

While there is no scientific evidence that says hemp oil definitely can cure cancer, hemp oil does provide the body with certain benefits that may help the body recover from cancer.

How Hemp Oil Can Cure Cancer

There is belief that eating hemp oil on a regular basis for a lengthy amount of time can provide the body and immune system with valuable disease fighting tools. The reason some believe this is true is because hemp oil filters through the endocannabinoid system. This system is the regulatory system for the human body, and is fundamentally responsible for homeostasis in the body’s other systems. When all of the system’s in the human body are working well and working together, the body is better equipped to deal with sickness in the body.

Hemp oil is ingested and passes through the digestive system. Through this process the oil is absorbed into the body as a nutrient. The ingested oil helps your body stay balanced. Since cancer and many diseases are considered an imbalance in the body, restoring balance to the body, can help the body fight cancer. There are also other diseases besides cancer that hemp oil can effectively help.

Other Diseases Hemp Oil Can Affect Positively

Hemp oil has been found to be effective with cancer patients and other patients suffering from debilitating diseases. Below is a list of other health problems that hemp oil effectively helps to treat.

  • Arthritis
  • Crohn’s
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic Pain
  • Parkinson’s
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Fibromyalgia

Talk to Your Doctor About Hemp Oil

If you are suffering from cancer, or another type of debilitating disease, consult your physician about the benefits hemp oil may offer you. Since the product comes from nature it is a great choice for suffers who worry about consuming unhealthy chemicals. Check out all the other benefits hemp oil has for cancer sufferers, and others suffering from life-changing diseases.


Hemp Textile Uses

For thousands of years, hemp fiber has been used for many industrial applications. This is because it offers the strongest and longest natural fiber known to mankind. Industrial hemp has been used for decades as the main fiber in the production of textiles such as apparel, clothing, rugs, shoes, upholstery and hats. This is mainly because hemp fibers are more absorbent, durable, softer, and warmer than cotton and other types of fabric available today. Because of its flexible and versatile nature, hemp can be blended with other kinds of fiber such as silk and cotton. There are many other benefits of using hemp for textile use:

Fast growth

Hemp grows and matures extremely fast than cotton that mostly takes a whole season before being ready for harvest. Farmers who cultivate hemp therefore benefit from faster yields and greater profits due to the plant’s fast growth.

Weather resistant

Because of its hardness and weather-resistant nature, hemp can be cultivated almost anywhere in the world. Whether they are planted on the grasslands, lowlands or mountainsides, they will thrive and produce the expected yield.

Mold and insect resistant

Hemp is naturally resistant to fungus and insects. As such, it does not require any pesticides during its cultivation like cotton, which is a very delicate plant that needs tons of insecticides and pesticides for it to effectively grow. This makes the cultivation of hemp a cost-effective venture for any farmer.

No herbicides/pesticides required

Hemp naturally restrains or suppresses weed growth. This is because it quickly grows to a height of 5 meters resulting in dense foliage that blocks the growth of weeds. As such, herbicides are not required during their planting, thus further alleviating the ecological problems associated with chemical planting of fibers.

Requires little to no irrigation

Unlike cotton that requires a lot of water during its growth, hemp can quickly grow and mature with little to no irrigation. Hemp has deep tap roots that enable it to reach and make use of deep subsoil water.

Blocks UV rays

Textile hemp also blocks 50 percent more ultra violet rays than cotton. Even if only 50% hemp is used in a textile product, it is still able to offer the same level of blockage to UV rays.


Hemp for Body Care

To be used in body care products the hemp seed is pressed, and hemp oil is extracted from the seed. This oil is colorless and flavorless, and is easily added to many different types of body care products.

Many cosmetic and body care products on the market are petroleum-based. What many people do not know is that the petroleum derivative added to these types of products is actually a waste product. However, in hemp body care products, hemp oil is used instead of a petroleum derivative, so hemp body care users do not have to worry about what they are putting on in their hair, or on their face and body. This ingredient replacement makes hemp body care products all natural products that are good for the entire body.

Hemp Body Care Products are Rich in Essential Fatty Acids

One of the main reasons that hemp oil is commonly added to body care products is because hemp oil has more essential fatty acids in it than any other oil in the plant kingdom. Essential fatty acids found in hemp oil include omega 3, 6 and 9. This combination of essential fatty acids make it the perfect ingredient to add to body care products to promote the proper balance that is needed to maintain healthy skin and hair. Body care products that have hemp oil added to them naturally promote growth and help to slow the aging process.

Popular Body Care Products that Contain Hemp Oil

Hemp body care products are available in a variety of forms including cosmetics, shampoos, face creams, body butters and many others. These natural products are easy to find, and safe to use on the body. Even the sensitive skin of babies and senior citizens will be safe with hemp body care products. In fact, hemp body care products are often used to alleviate common skin problems like eczema and dermatitis with excellent results.

Why Buy Hemp Products?

By buying hemp products, you are helping the world work towards a more sustainable future. Hemp can be made into practically ANYTHING. Hemp foods is packed with nutrition. Hemp is not just good for us on the inside, but on the outside, too. Not only can we benefit from hemp nutritionally, and as a beauty aid, it's also beneficial from an environmental viewpoint. From paper to clothes, from construction materials to even building cars, hemp is literally a miracle crop. Spread the word!