Hemp for Body Care


To be used in body care products the hemp seed is pressed, and hemp oil is extracted from the seed. This oil is colorless and flavorless, and is easily added to many different types of body care products.

Many cosmetic and body care products on the market are petroleum-based. What many people do not know is that the petroleum derivative added to these types of products is actually a waste product. However, in hemp body care products, hemp oil is used instead of a petroleum derivative, so hemp body care users do not have to worry about what they are putting on in their hair, or on their face and body. This ingredient replacement makes hemp body care products all natural products that are good for the entire body.

Hemp Body Care Products are Rich in Essential Fatty Acids

One of the main reasons that hemp oil is commonly added to body care products is because hemp oil has more essential fatty acids in it than any other oil in the plant kingdom. Essential fatty acids found in hemp oil include omega 3, 6 and 9. This combination of essential fatty acids make it the perfect ingredient to add to body care products to promote the proper balance that is needed to maintain healthy skin and hair. Body care products that have hemp oil added to them naturally promote growth and help to slow the aging process.

Popular Body Care Products that Contain Hemp Oil

Hemp body care products are available in a variety of forms including cosmetics, shampoos, face creams, body butters and many others. These natural products are easy to find, and safe to use on the body. Even the sensitive skin of babies and senior citizens will be safe with hemp body care products. In fact, hemp body care products are often used to alleviate common skin problems like eczema and dermatitis with excellent results.